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Dear colleagues,
despite the difficult situation in which we are living and the difficulties of keeping alive the human and collaborative relationships that allow the continuous and fruitful exchange of notions, I am happy to let you know that also for 2021 we have managed to guarantee the unfolding of the 2 most important events sponsored by the GIOSEG Company
In fact, we considered it appropriate and necessary to carry on the 2 projects that characterize the history of GIOSEG and the willingness to share new discoveries and their knowledge on the part of those invited to participate as Faculty, but above all the desire to learn of those who have been following the events for the high scientific contribution that these guarantee.
In addition to the 2 key projects, such as the CUEM National Congress, which reached its 2021th edition in 10 and the SKELETAL International Congress, the Study Group is committed to supporting other events that have interested many of you over the years and to propose new ones to satisfy your curiosity and your interest.
Below you will find a brief description of the main past and future projects, which are better detailed in the “Events” section.
I ask you to pay particular attention to the Skeletal section of the homepage, dedicated to the next event to be held in webinar mode in February 2021. You will find there not only the program but also useful information regarding registration.
For the particular moment we are going through, some events will be organized in Webinar mode, so as not to be forced to postpone an important exchange of scientific knowledge which is a useful baggage especially in times like this, while others we hope to be able to organize them in presence to meet again and again. to be able to spend many more beautiful moments together.

Greetings to everyone!



Prof. Andrea Giustina

President of the GIOSEG Board of Directors

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